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To build a better tomorrow by strengthening the world around us today.

About Credit Unions

As member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperatives, credit unions differ structurally and philosophically from other financial institutions.

Owed to their foundation as a social movement, credit unions believe strongly that they have an obligation to work toward the betterment of their communities. They believe, too, in people working together to achieve a better life.


Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort


The Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia is collecting donations for the American Red Cross, to aid the millions of Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Credit unions may send donations collected from members to the Foundation. We can provide a tax receipt for individual contributors if credit unions provide the names and addresses of each contributor.


The Foundation is also accepting corporate-level donations made by credit unions; for example, if your credit union plans to match the funds donated by members.


The Credit Unions Care Foundation is a non-profit charity, founded in 2009 and operated by Virginia-based credit unions for the purpose of supporting credit unions’ social mission in the areas of disaster relief and recovery, charitable giving, financial literacy, education, and community development.


Donations, along with requests for tax receipts for individual contributions, can be forwarded to:

Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia
Attn: Hurricane Sandy Relief
PO Box 11469
Lynchburg, VA 24506


You may use the donation form below to donate using your credit card.

The Credit Unions Care Foundation reminds credit unions that the American Red Cross offers many ways to help outside of monetary donations, including volunteer opportunities and blood drives.

Learn more online:
Find your local chapter of the Red Cross here:   

Questions about donating to the American Red Cross through the Foundation can be directed to R.B. Martin at or 800.768.3344, ext. 606.

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